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“You’re About To Discover How You Can Have a Direct Line To Photobuyers At National Magazines And
Publishing Companies, Learn Every Week - Every Day – Exactly What Photos They Need, And How Simple it is To Sell Them Your Photos…”

“If you love having a camera in your hands and you’ve been building a file of your pictures, you can tap into one of the most powerful ways to earn $50 - $100 - $500 from those pictures (and still keep ownership of them).”


Rohn Engh            



Dear Fellow Photographer,

The PhotoLetter and the PhotoDaily marketletters provide photo requests direct from buyers and publishers, who call us here at PhotoSource International and tell us their photo needs, to send to our closed-circuit subscriber photographers.

  These buyers want to hear from you, if you produce photos in their focus area.  They want you to contact them and they want to purchase your photos.

    You deal directly with the buyers and receive 100% of the sale.

   These buyers range from regional publications to major magazines, book companies, pr agencies and corporations. 

    You sell “one-time use” of your photos. This is not like digital micro sites where you sell your photo outright at bargain basement prices – for $1 to $5. You keep full ownership of your photos and sell "use" of them for $25 to $250 and more per photo. No copyright is lost. You are the owner, and you can sell (“rent”) your images over and over again.

          The PhotoLetter and the PhotoDaily give you the inside edge you need to become a successful published photographer.

                        THE PHOTOLETTER  and  PHOTODAILY

      The PhotoLetter and the PhotoDaily are sent to you by email.  You receive PhotoLetter weekly, or PhotoDaily every day, Monday through Friday.

           You choose the service that best fits your marketing plans.

I am ready to sign up 

            You can unsubscribe at any time, and receive a full refund for issues not received.

Here's what you get:

a steady flow of urgent photo needs. You learn when the photos are needed and exactly what the photobuyers will pay.
you don't need to spend time on market research. That's all done by us on a daily basis -- giving you more time to put to your photography.
continual choices for direct sales, PLUS markets to add to your personal Market List -- of buyers who constantly need images in subject areas you like to photograph.


   If you are starting out in stock photography or have a smaller file of photos, the PhotoLetter is your ticket to get started at earning extra income from your photos.

You receive 5 or more photo needs every Friday morning. The photo requests pay from $25 to $95 per photo for inside editorial use, and $300 to $500 for covers, from mid-range markets

Does this convince you to shy away from those micro sites that pay you only a paltry  $1 or $2 per photo ? Why sell your photo outright to a micro customer, when you can receive an average of $75 per photo by “renting” it to an editorial photobuyer through the PhotoLetter system ?


"PhotoLetter has been beneficial in allowing us to build long-term relationships with several publications. Our subscription to PhotoLetter was without a doubt one of our best business decisions. Your market letters continue to be a valuable source for both refining our target markets and selling our images."
- Will and Lissa Funk, Photographers, Alpine Aperture, Claremont, CA

"My first sale in the USA was because of Rohn's 'PhotoLetter' in 1979. He has been a constant source of encouragement and advice. Anything he does is for the benefit of his subscribers."
-Jagdish Agarwal, Dinodia Photo Library, Bombay, India

"I had my largest sale ever (4 digits), to Random House thanks to your marketletter, and another sale to American Fitness Magazine from a listing in Photoletter."
- Steve Bourgeois, Photographer, Ft Lauderdale FL



           Jumpstart your sales and develop valuable contacts with PhotoDaily.

Whether you are a serious part-timer or an experienced pro looking for fresh, new avenues for sales, PhotoDaily will be your partner, with lists of photo needs from top markets.

            To join PhotoDaily you submit your website for review here at Photosource International to qualify.

           The PhotoDaily lists photo requests that pay $100 to $250 per photo for inside editorial  use; $400 to $1,000 and up for covers. You receive these photo-need listings every day at 3pm Eastern Standard Time.

“Rohn's PhotoDaily is an excellent stock photography resource. It provides real value for beginning and seasoned stock photographers alike. Not only does it give you a daily opportunity for sales from your files, it offers insights into the marketplace over time, as well as lists of valuable sales contacts. A real bonus is the news of the day, that is vital to your growth as a professional in the fast-paced and ever-changing field of stock photo sales…” Ted J. Clutter, Photographer, Clarkston, WA, “


"Thanks to PhotoDaily listings, I've sold "Two" images to National Geographic. One was used as a part of a video program, the other was used in their "Kids" Magazine. They may not be Prestigious Covers, but it's still National Geographic! Besides that, I sell numerous images to a variety of other publications as well. PhotoDaily is an investment I highly recommend for Stock Shooters."
- Ray Malace, Photographer, Michigan


"I've subscribed to the PhotoDaily for many years and regularly find listings there that lead to stock photo sales. For instance, one of my regular clients now is the United Methodist women's magazine, Response, which I learned of through the PhotoDaily. Their photo needs are a great fit with the kind of work I do, and so I end up selling them something most every month. Subscribing to the PhotoDaily has been one of the best investments I've made." "
- Jim West, Photographer, Detroit, MI


"The photographer's life is not getting any easier, except for such services as those offered by Rohn Engh. I have subscribed to his want lists since it was one yellow sheet - way too long ago to remember the year. But I can't forget the help those lists gave me as a stock photographer, or the constant stream of new clients they brought me. I have also continually benefited from his educative articles and books. As a pioneer, he has been imitated, but he was never equaled. I wish him long life."
- Victor Englebert, Photographer, Allentown, PA



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            This is the right time to step up and jump in. We’re offering a

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Please note: These discounts apply only to annual subscriptions, not monthly subscriptions.

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                Feb 10th 11th 12 th and 13th.


       You have a no-risk  Guarantee  - unsubscribe at any time

       and receive a refund for issues not received.


You will also receive absolutely free, our special report:

“How To Make The Marketable Photo” (a $19.95 value)




You may pay by check, Pay Pal, or Credit Card. After your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an electronic receipt within two days. You are assured that this on-line transaction is 100% secure.

Order on-line or call us at 800 624-0266

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Your email address will never be rented, traded, or sold.



Rohn Engh

Photosource International, Pine Lake Farm, Osceola WI 54020    1 800 624 0266 

PS: If you wish to sign up immediately by phone -  call our toll-free 24-hour number --

                            1 800 624 0266



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