Get Your Memories Out of the Shoebox

Quickscan / Shoebox Print Scanning

PhotoSource offers a 'quickscan' service for those who are looking to digitize a large quantity of photos (you know, those thousands of photos you keep in the shoebox in the closet!) for quick digital reference or e-mail/internet purposes. These quickscans are significantly lower in cost compared to our archival flatbed scanning service, but quickscans are lower resolution and do not include any custom cropping or color adjustments. For those that have hundreds or thousands of prints to scan, we suggest using this service to digitize your prints and get an inventory of what is what. You can always select the "keepers" out of the batch to do an archival scan down the road...

Quickscan / Shoebox Print Scanning Pricing

Only $.25/image
Minimum charge of $25.00

Our quickscan / shoebox scanning service is performed at 600 PPI, so your file resolution will be approximately twice the dimensions of your physical print. Quickscans are delivered 'as-is', without manual crops or adjustments.

Quickscan / Shoebox Print Scanning Requirements

In order to offer you the best price possible on our quickscan service, there are a few requirements for your order:

  • Prints must be no smaller than wallet sized (2.5x3.5)
  • Prints must be no larger than 8x12
  • Prints must be in good, flat, solid condition - i.e. not cracking, tearing, crumbling
  • Prints must not be dirty, dusty, or sticky

Prints that do not meet the above criteria will need to be manually scanned at our normal Archival Print Scanning prices.

Scanning Services FAQ

Please visit our Scanning Services FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions about our scanning services.

Rush Service

Rush service is available for most of our services. Please contact us first to ensure that we will be able to meet your deadline. Rush orders are subject to a 100% upcharge and a minimum order.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!