Scanning Services FAQ

Scanning Services FAQ

How do I prepare my slides?

If you want the images sorted in a particular order on your order, you should plan ahead and arrange your slides into the correct sequence.

Do you send my images somewhere else to be scanned?

No! All of our services here at PhotoSource are performed on-site (i.e. the building at 5106 Louetta Road, Spring, TX). You can rest easy knowing that your photos are safe and won't get lost or damaged in the mail.

Do you provide rush service?

In most circumstances, yes. However, rush orders will incur a 100% upcharge.

Can you scan any copyrighted material?

Please see our Copyright Policy page for more information.

Everyone in my family is pitching in to help pay for the cost of scanning our family's memories. Can you split charges across multiple methods of payment?

Yes we can! Many of our customers get their family members to help pay for the cost of preserving memories. It can get expensive, but it's an investment that most people are excited to make. Once your images are digitized, you never have to worry about them succumbing to time, weather, or disasters.

Can you make prints from the scanned images?

Yes! We do this all of the time. Please see our Printing Services page for more information about your printing options.

Can I give my slides to you in a carousel?

Sure! We're more than happy to accept your slide carousels. We will scan them in order, so make sure they are in the sequence that you would like them to be scanned.

Can I select which frames on a strip of film I want scanned?

If you are doing only scanning a couple of images, yes, we would be happy to isolate the frames you want on a strip. We are not, however, able to accommodate this on a bulk scanning order. e.g. If you give us 300 strips of negatives, we will always scan the entire strips. This allows us to save time and pass on the cost savings to you.

I don't know how many images I have in total. Will you count them for me?

Yes. We can usually provide you a ballpark guesstimate at the time that your order is dropped off. We will count the number of scans as we go through the process, and you will be charged for the total number of images scanned.

What photo sizes can you scan?

We can scan nearly any commonly sized photograph. Larger scans can become more difficult and time-consuming, so they will incur higher costs.