PhotoStockNotes/Plus can help you begin selling your photos. Stop calling your stock photography a hobby and begin calling it a business. You will receive our PhotoStockNotes newsletter to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of the stock photography world, plus you get one page (front & back) of photo requests from photobuyers who pay $25 to $300+ per photo. Not only can you keep on top of the ever-changing photography business from PhotoStockNotes, but you can also make money from your photography through the "Plus".

Subscribe to PhotoStockNotes/Plus and receive the combined package -- the newsletter PhotoStockNotes, plus one page of photo needs - all for only $12 a month. You can use the photo listings in the "Plus" for the sale of specific photo requests that match up with your stock photo collection and also use it as a blue-print for ideas for you to shoot while you build up your stock file. Also, about 85% of the listings have on-going deadlines so you can pursue those needs as your time allows.

Note: PhotoStockNotes/Plus is a combination of the montly newsletter, PhotoStockNotes and a two-page marketletter. For a sample of both, click on the links below.

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