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For the busy photo editor, photographer, or researcher, keeping pace with what's happening in stock photo industry--- standards, procedures, market changes, and so on, is a tall order. And enormously important, when even one small item of information can impact on this month's success.

Enter PhotoStockNotes - the monthly newsletter that does the research for you and capsulizes developments and issues affecting you as part of the stock photo industry.
PhotoStockNotes is power-packed with vital information and guidance for stock photographers. Each month we put on your desk information of top priority for the freelance photographer, condensed to its essentials. The eight tightly-written pages of PhotoStockNotes bring you vital facts, data, trends, reports, latest strategies, that you can use, now, in your taking, making, and selling of photographs and in the operation of your stock photography business. Because you have little time for lengthy articles, PhotoStockNotes reports are brief, pithy, and give the essence of each issue or subject. The cost of PhotoStockNotes is $5.00 per month by charge card or $36.00 per year. Whether you are just starting out or starting over, PhotoStockNotes will be a monthly refresher course for you.

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