PhotoSource Printing Services: Locket Photo Printing

Locket Photo Prints

Sometimes we want to show our loved ones how close we hold them to our hearts. PhotoSource can print custom locket photos to fit into any locket that you provide (we don't sell the lockets themselves). Since almost every locket is unique, we usually need to physically measure yours so that we can get the prints just right. Our photoshop wizards can also tweak your photos so that they fit just right into the shape of your locket.

Locket Print Pricing

Locket Print + Fitting for only $29.95!

At this time, because every locket is so different, we require that you bring or mail us your locket so that we can properly fit the image. We are unable to provide a locket print based only on a measurement or description.

Every locket is slightly different, so we pay meticulous attention to detail to get a great print and fit for your special locket! Pricing includes minor image correction and cropping, print on archival paper, custom trimming for your locket size, and fitting/mounting to locket.

Either stop by the store and speak with one of our friendly employees, or if you would like to mail us your locket, please contact us first so that we can give you more information about shipping your locket to us.

Rush Service

Rush service is available for most of our services. Please contact us first to ensure that we will be able to meet your deadline. Rush orders are subject to a 100% upcharge and a $15 minimum.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!