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Canvas Prints

Printing your photos on canvas can give special images an extra special touch. Many of our customers print on canvas and display their own photos as fine art in their homes! Our canvases are specifically made for high-quality image fidelity and bright, vivid colors. The material has a tight canvas weave texture and is flexible enough to be stretched.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print Pricing

Print Size

11x14 $70.95
12x18 $81.95
16x20 $99.95
16x24 $120.95
18x24 $127.95
20x24 $138.95
20x30 $180.95
24x30 $212.95
24x36 $295.95
30x40 $304.95
32x40 $324.95
32x48 $379.95
40x60 $499.95
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For non-canvas prints, please see our Standard Prints or Custom Prints pricing pages.

Other Sizes

We can print nearly any size print that you need! We have listed the most common sizes above. If you don't see the size that you are looking for, just Contact Us and we'll get you a quote!

Gallery Wrap

Most customers choose to have their canvas prints gallery wrapped. A gallery wrap is simply the process of stretching canvas around stretcher bars. Our canvas material has elasticity to it, and we hand stretch each print over solid wood stretcher bars for a very classy, finished look that is ready to hang!

Wrap Options

When gallery wrapping a canvas print, there are three options for how the printed image will 'wrap' around the sides. Depending on your particular photo and/or preferences, one of these options may work better than the others.

  • Standard Gallery Wrap: The photographic image is printed oversized so that the photo will wrap all the way around the sides of the stretcher bars. This type of wrap works well when the edges of the photo are unimportant to the composition of the image.
  • Clone Wrap: The image is 'cloned' to repeat around the sides of the stretcher bars. This wrap option is a good compromise if you want photographic details on the sides but have composition limitations with your particular image, such as faces that are close to the edges.
  • Border Wrap: The sides of the border gallery wrap can be a solid or textured color of your choice. We can even pull a particular shade directly from your photo so that you will get a great, complementary look!
Gallery Wrap Example Clone Gallery Wrap Example Border Gallery Wrap Example

Printing FAQ

View our Printing FAQ page to get some of the most common questions answered!

Mounting Options

Please see our Mounting Services page for more information.

Matting and Framing

PhotoSource offers custom matting and framing services to make your prints look fantastic. Please see our Custom Framing page for more information.

Rush Service

Rush service is available for most of our services. Please contact us first to ensure that we will be able to meet your deadline. Rush orders are subject to a 100% upcharge and a minimum order.


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