January 1998 Issue

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Digimarc Hits the Target

There's been a lot of discussion in the media recently (PSN included) about the effectiveness of watermarked images to protect copyright. As the industry's pioneer, Digimarc's name comes up often. Here is what Larry Logan of Digimarc Corporation (logan@digimarc.com) has to say: "In Digimarc's case, a question was posed about the strength of watermarks using the original 1.0 release of software. In some instances it is indeed possible that a watermark wouldn't survive compression to .jpg or .gif and posting on the web.

There are two reasons for this: the initial 1.0 version release was balanced between traditional print and web usage and was thus not optimized fully for .jpg and .gif images common on the web. Second, some users fail to check their images for the presence of a watermark prior to publishing them. In response, Digimarc has just released a new [PictureMarc] 1.51 version that has the following benefits: reduction in minimum size of image needed to hold a watermark; far more durability during .jpg and .gif compression; reduced artifacts of the watermarking process; ability to add a proper copyright notice and year to images; addition of strength meter to discover residual strength of watermark. This new 1.51 version is available free at http://www.digimarc.com/addguest.html. Also at this page is a free download of Digimarc's Watermarking Guide.

"Further, the other reason why watermarks might not survive had to do with user implementation. We've since found that many users would watermark their images and then post them without taking the step in between to actually read the watermark to insure it survived. The new 1.51 version has a nifty strength meter that provides a visual indicator of watermark strength. Users should always read the watermark and signal strength, prior to publishing their watermarked images."

Internet Explorer 4.0 Security Fix

It's a pretty obscure "security hole," but it's there nonetheless. Known as the Freiburg bug, a malicious Web site could obtain the contents from a text, HTML, or a graphic image (no other file types) from your hard disk. Download the patch from http://www.microsoft.com/ie/security/?/ie/security/freiburg.htm

HR 2281

This is a proposed amendment to our copyright laws that affects photographers. For a summary and status, point your browser to http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d105:HR02281:@@@L.

Ye Ol' Crackerbarrel

The crackerbarrel is back. Well, at least in cyberspace. We've added a new feature to our Web page (http://www.photosource.com) where you can post your questions, comments, critiques, whatever's on your mind concerning the editorial stock photography market. You can ask for help, give advice, or make announcements. The link is there on the right side of our home page, just above the resources heading.

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