PhotoSource Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

We all like to share our cherished photographs and memories, but sometimes they are not ours to copy or modify. Every image has a copyright, and that copyright typically belongs to the person who created the image, even if you paid that person to create it.

PhotoSource has a store policy which upholds the rights of copyright owners. Sometimes we may not be able to provide services to you until we have received authorization from the rightful copyright owner. We will do the best we can to assist you in getting this authorization. If we are unable to provide services to you because of copyright issues, please understand that it is not a personal matter. We are following the rules of copyright law, looking out for the interests of artists, and protecting you and our store from legal liability.

If you are interested in learning more about copyright, please visit PhotoSource's Copyright FAQ page, or visit

Copyright Forms

If you need to request a release from the copyright owner of a video or photo that you are bringing to PhotoSource, please download and fill out the following form:

Copyright Owner's Consent Form

If you are the copyright owner, are claiming a fair use of a copyrighted work, cannot contact the copyright owner, or generally have an exception that is not covered on the above form, please download and fill out the following form:

Copyright Declaration Form