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Print Mounting


Available in either black or white, foamcore is your standard foamboard that you commonly see available at art supply stores. Foamcore comes in a 3/16" thickness and is an economical choice. Foamcore works well for smaller prints or prints that will be placed into a frame. We do not recommend foamcore for prints over 11x14 that will not be framed, as it came tend to warp (curl) over time, especially in Houston's humid and warm conditions.


Gatorboard (also known as Gatorfoam) is like foamcore on steroids! Gatorboard comes only in black, but in two thicknesses: 3/16" or 1/2". Gatorboard has a foam core sandwiched between two pieces of melamine and wood fibre veneer. This veneer is very rigid and gives the board extra strength that resists warping over time. Gatorboard is an appropriate mounting choice when prints will not be framed and for very large prints. The black edges of the 1/2" gatorboard give a very clean looking finish, and many of our customers hang their photos as-is, mounted to gatorboard without a mat or frame. Gatorboard is more expensive, but it a more permanent, longer-lasting option.


Size 3/16" Foamcore 3/16" Gatorboard 1/2" Gatorboard
4x6 +$7.00 +$8.00 +$9.00
5x7 +$7.00 +$8.00 +$9.00
8x10 +$8.00 +$10.00 +$11.00
8x12 +$9.00 +$11.00 +$12.00
11x14 +$11.00 +$14.00 +$16.00
12x18 +$13.00 +$16.00 +$20.00
16x20 +$15.00 +$22.00 +$27.00
16x24 +$17.00 +$25.00 +$32.00
18x24 +$18.00 +$26.00 +$35.00
20x24 +$21.00 +$28.00 +$38.00
20x30 +$23.00 +$35.00 +$47.00
24x30 +$25.00 +$41.00 +$55.00
24x36 +$27.00 +$47.00 +$64.00
30x40 +$31.00 +$60.00 +$84.00
32x40 +$35.00 +$64.00 +$90.00
32x48 +$42.00 +$78.00 +$109.00
40x60 +$52.00 +$95.00 +$125.00

IMPORTANT: Please let us know at the time of your order if you intend to frame your mounted print, as we will cut your board differently.

Metal Stand-off Mounts

Make your mounted print pop off the wall (literally) with our metal stand-off mounting system. You will receive a set of four standoff posts and your print will be pre-drilled and ready to hang in your home!

Brushed Silver $32.00
Matte Black $38.00

Gallery Wrap

If you are looking for our Gallery Wrap options for canvas prints, please visit our Canvas Prints pricing page.

Matting and Framing

PhotoSource offers custom matting and framing services to make your prints look fantastic. Please see our Custom Framing page for more information.

Rush Service

Rush service is available for most of our services. Please contact us first to ensure that we will be able to meet your deadline. Rush orders are subject to a 100% upcharge and a minimum order.


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