About PhotoSource

About PhotoSource

PhotoSource is a family-owned store in Spring, TX that offers high quality photographic, scanning, printing, video, and framing services. We've been serving the Houston community since 1983! The photography industry has transformed dramatically over the years, and PhotoSource has changed with it. We no longer sell darkroom equipment or cameras, but we now offer the best photographic services around. We've found that in an era where most prints are being ordered online, we can replace that impersonal, automated experience with the value of real humans, expert skill, and exceptional service.


We originally opened as one of Houston's premier one-hour photolabs 'back in the day' (when dinosaurs ruled the earth). Over time, additional services were added such as film transfer and camera repair. For a number of years we sold a wide array of cameras, lenses, and photography accessories. Today we've moved away from film photography and selling cameras, and we're primarily service-based, as that is what we confidently feel we can do better than anyone else out there! From custom scanning, restoration, and digital printing to a full-service framing lab, we're passionate about working with our customers' treasured memories to help make them look great and last a lifetime! We love how each project is unique and has new challenges and rewards.

Personal Service

All of our work is done on-site by professionals, so you always know your memories are safe with us. And we have real, live people to talk to who can answer all of your questions and concerns. Most likely the person you talk with will be the same person that handles your work. We've hand-selected our staff and have found them to be some of the most helpful, talented, and hard-working people in the industry. When you give us a try, you'll understand.


Our top three values here at the store are: Quality, Integrity, and Service

  • Quality: We pride ourselves on high quality work! That's why we invest nearly all of our profits back into the business. We want to have the latest and greatest technology and equipment so that we can provide the highest quality work to you. We have a "no-shortcuts" policy - we'll never try to slip anything by that isn't the absolute best work we can do. We rarely use any kind of automated setting; instead, each project gets the unique attention it deserves. If you aren't satisfied with what we have done for you, simply let us know and we'll get back to work until you are satisfied!
  • Integrity: We have spent a lot of time looking for the right people to work in our business. Having the right people on board is our little secret for success. Every employee has been given the responsibility and authority to make decisions themselves, and you will never have to deal with a customer service person who won't take responsibility for a problem or who can't answer your questions. We want to do business ethically, and we don't compromise our values or best judgment.
  • Service: We take pride in the work that we do, and we believe that doing business should always be a great experience for both parties! Even if we don't offer a service that you are looking for, we will help you find someone who does. If we make a mistake, we will make it right. If you have questions, we'll get you answers. Our level of commitment to great customer service is second-to-none!

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