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PhotoSource International
Pine Lake Farm
Rohn Engh, Director
1910 35th Road, Osceola WI 54020-5602
(800) 624 0266
Fax (715)248-3800

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Welcome to PhotoSource International. We are the meeting place for photographers who want to sell their stock photos, and for editors and art directors who want to buy them. For more than twenty-five years we've been helping photographers and photobuyers from our world-wide connected electronic cottage on our farm in western Wisconsin.

The Farm

Browse through our General Store and see what services and products
we have for
you that can make a difference for your stock photo business.
See samples of our marketletters: the PhotoDAILY (a fax- and E-Mail-delivered sales lead sheet for
full-time pros); the PhotoLETTER , with markets for part-timers; and PhotoStockNOTES ,
a weekly e-mail newsletter that is delivered to stock photographers and to photobuyers in the book, magazine, and new media industries.If you are just starting out, you can test the waters with our PhotoStockNotes/Plus. Stay current by signing up for our free monthly e-mail newsletter, PhotoStockNOTES.


See how our marketletters and PhotoSourceBANK can make your photo acquisition process substantially easier. Make contact through our services with photographers you then work with directly, and who can be long-term resources for you.


Whether you're starting out or starting over, our information is going to be useful to you. Check out our Free stuff . If you're looking for markets for your specialized photographic subject areas, whether they be wildlife, trees, city streets, sports, boats, etc. our section on specialized lists will prove useful.

You can set up a mini-Web page on our site at our PhotoSourceBANK , where you can list your specialized subjects. Photobuyers search this section daily for their specialized needs and with the PhotoSourceFOLIO, you'll be able to display six of your stock photos demonstrating your particular style and creativeness to photobuyers who search the PhotoSourceBANK .

As a business person, you require continual updates on things like legal issues, model releases, promotion, taxes, copyright--to name just a few. You'll find our guideline Reports on these areas just what you need. And speaking of copyright, be sure to check out our Swipe These Photos page.

If you travel often, check out our "Travel Tips" page to find out how you can get your itinerary listed with us. Photobuyers check this list to piggy-back assignments.

Visit us often; we update our Web site daily.

b b What Can PhotoSource International

Do For Me?

1. Put you in touch with the up-to-the-minute needs of photobuyers.
2. Tell you exactly what to charge.
3. Advertise your "Stock List" to photobuyers
4. Provide you with a Home Page to display 6 images.
5.Display your photos on the web.

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PhotoSource International

Company info: PhotoSource International provides photo marketing services to the photo buying and photo supply industry in the U.S. and abroad. Starting in 1976 with one market letter, the company soon expanded to four market letters plus ancillary marketing products. PhotoSource International is located at Pine Lake Farm near Osceola, Wisconsin and is a privately held company. Founder and director Rohn Engh is a veteran stock photographer, photo columnist, seminar presenter, and author of two widely respected desktop reference book, "Sell & ReSell Your Photos," and "". PhotoSource International is on the Web at For more information Email us at

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Want to read what other photographers are saying about our PhotoSource International services? Click here!

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