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Marianne Mangan
14737 Fernway Ave.
Cleveland, Oh 44111 USA

Day Phone: 216-571-4673
Biography:   Freelance photographer specializing in play, fitness, education, adventure, leadership, teamwork, and family concepts




Night Phone: 216-571-4673

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PhotoSourceBOOK ID: 3027


Stock Collection: 15,000 - 90,000 photos

General Subject Areas: Ireland, travel, biking, running, gardening, parenting, family activities, tubing, jetskiing, fitness, health, play,seniors reflective

Books / Publication Credits: Kinesio taping, St. Joseph Academy Update,

Geographic Coverage: Cleveland, New York, Jersey Shore, Ireland, British Columbia, New Mexico, Florida, Sierra Leone Africa

Future Travel: Canada, Seattle, British Columbia, Ireland, New Jersey, Pocono Mountains, Atlantic City

Other services: family and child portraiture, photo restoration

Affiliations: PPA NAPP

Typical Stock Photo Examples:
Ireland, Achill Island, Dooagh, Irish, mountains, sheep, tubing, jet skiing, American icons, leadership, teamwork, play, babies, adventure, Indian dancer, Africa, Sierra Leone, Freetown, Lake Erie islands, boating, Catawba, Lakeside, Marblehead, lighthouse, Put in Bay, Middle Bass Island, cottages, Lake Erie, sailboats, power boats, fishing, Huron, Catawba, Marblehead, Kelleys Island, Cedar Point, Pelee Island, Washington monument, D.C., flag, grandparents, seniors, parenting, Cleveland firefighters, , fire, firefighters, Cleveland policemen, safety forces, memorial, west park, Cleveland, police, fire, play, education, hopscotch, children's games, jump rope, bocce ball, corn hole, volleyball, youth sports, competition, confidence, growing, primary grades, exercise, running, jogging, biking, rollerblading, handicapped sports, Special olympics, Cleveland Rovers, rugby, adult sports, marathons, half marathon, cross country, track and field, basketball, tee ball, baseball, softball, bubble gum, contests, water sports, firehose, neighborhood adult role models, amusement parks, rollercoasters, heroes, funny faces, children playing, children faces, sparrow, mother s, bid flying in to feed young, birdhouses, dentist, teeth, tongue, boy sticking tongue out at grandpa, summer fun, squirt gun, water, boy squirting water, lillies, white lilly, Easter, rising, teens, girlfriends, two friends different races, pencils, colored pencils, drawing, art, creative, slides, flying, pool, birdhouses, flying off tubes, boating, taking chances, babies, innocence, care, preschoolers, waterpump, small child washing hands, waterplay, colors, diving, white, yellow, magenta, blue, US Navy, air show blue angels, off the ground, lifejackets, recreation, water sports, family, Downs Syndrome, Downs child swimming, Downs Child playing with dad, youth football, youth cross country runners, valley, youth cross country runners in autumn, birds, mother bird feeding youth, birdwatchers, golfers, seniors golfing older male friends golfing, ,,,

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