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Paul J. Buklarewicz
PO Box 854
11-3881 Eleventh Street
Volcano, HI 96785 USA

Day Phone: 1 808 967 8294
Biography:   Building travel stock photography since 1973, home base for Paul is Volcano, Hawaii. Striking out to locations around the Pacific Rim, Asia and Europe, Hawaii has been a rich source of cultural and geographic images for Paul over the past 25 years.




Night Phone: 1 808 967 9294
Fax: 1 808 967 8294

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PhotoSourceBOOK ID: 2239


Stock Collection: 15,000 - 90,000 photos

General Subject Areas: Travel, people, architecture, world celebrations, night lights, skylines, volcanoes

Awards: Big Island Art Guild juried shows,Ehrenreich Labs/Nikon, Honolulu Magazine/Light Inc., Honolulu Advertiser/Kodak Day in the Life of Hawaii

Books / Publication Credits: Aloha, America 24/7 - New Jersey, Astronomy, Ca m`interesse, Elle, Farm and Ranch Living, Hawaii, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Outside, Transpacific, Travel Holiday, WildBird, Ka`u Landing, Sumo Wrestling, Blackbirch Press, Capstone Press, Eyewitness Travel Guides, Franklin Watts, Glencoe, Harcourt, Instight Guides, Lerner Publications, University of Hawaii Press, Guest Informant, Kodak desk calendars 1997, 1998, Clark Realty calendars 2003, 2006

Geographic Coverage: Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokini, Lanai, Molokai, Midway Atoll, Japan, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa, Honshu, Seto Inland Sea, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Nikko, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, Okayama, Kurashiki, China, Beijing, Great Wall, ChongQing, Guangzhou, Guilin, Xian, Yangtse River, Fiji Islands, Taveuni, Viti Levu, Savu Savu, Suva, Malaysia, Georgetown, Nepal, India, Khajuraho, Agra, Calcutta, Benares, Varanasi, Ganges River, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Chian Mai, Koh Samui, Amsterdam, Delft, Netherlands, London, England, Paris, France, Istanbul, Turkey, Anatolia, Mediterranean Sea, Cos, Kas, Antalya, Alanya, Erzurum, Ankara, Mexico, Yucatan, Merida, Chichin Itza, Tulum, Teotehuacan, Peru, Cuzco, Inca Trail, Lima, Bolivia, La Paz, Tiahuanaco, Canada, Alberta, Yoho NP, Jasper NP, Kootenay NP, Banf NP, New York, New York City, New Jersey, Atlantic City, Bayonne, Jersey City, San Francisco, California, Las Vegas; Budapest, Hungary; Vilnius, Lithuania; Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Zakopane, Tatras N.P., Poland; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Future Travel: Turkey, Hawaiian Islands

Other services: Advertising, corporate, executive gifts, brochures, multi-medica presentations, retail, wholesale, consignment prints, artist renderings, Eleventh Pearl Photo Gallery

Affiliations: Volcano Art Center, East Hawaii Cultural Center

Typical Stock Photo Examples:
Hawaiian Flora and Fauna: Loulu fan palm Hawaiian holly (kawa`u) flowering mature tree Papala kepau sticky fruit used by bird catchers Maile Ulu (breadfruit)with fruit banana poka vine with fruit and flower guava thicket with uluhe fern Pilo with berries signs for Ola`a Forest Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Rainbow and ohia tree at edge of rainforest crepuscular light through volcanic haze (vog) sunrise Aerial view of rainforest showing earth crack in NE rift zone of Kilauea Volcano aerial rainforest lava flow surrounding kipuka various layers of rain forest canopy hapu`u ferns rain aerial views of islands Hawaii with Mauna Kea Mauna Loa Volcanoes and Maui with Haleakala Volcano clouds forming windward Maui Molokai Lanai West Maui leaves of Kahili Ginger windward side of mountains lenticular cloud vog rising from lower elevations with smoke from Pu`u O`o Vent of Kilauea Volcano Halema`uma`u Crater Mauna Loa Volcano ohia tree snag blooming Ohia Lehua tree Kilauea Iki (small) Crater trail people hiking Crater floor aerial view of volcanic activity Pu`u O`o Vent young girl lava viewing pahoehoe lava “Volcano” baseball cap moonlight view of Pu`u O`o Vent night snow-capped Mauna Loa Volcano from Mauna Kea Volcano (upright stones of ancient Hawaiian shrine) phylotes koa trees (Mauna Loa largest mountain on earth) from Kilauea Volcano aerial view of the last eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano (April 1984) volcanic cinder ash young ferns small ferns growing in tree mold formed by recent lava ferns cracks, recent lava flow kipuka - lava flowing around older vegetated areas lobelia (Clermontia parviflora - oha) fruit supported by Pilo curved flower pods opening Hawaiian monk seal basking naupaka juvenile seal basking sandy beach lehua trees in bloom olapa tree trunk nestled between two ohia tree trunks leaves young koa tree close-up phyllotes maturing koa tree bearing leaves phyllodes grove koa trees mature Ilex anomala – Kawa`u (Hawaiian holly) ground level branches base of tree trunk coprosma (pilo) holding up lobelia (oha) cool shady understory Ola`a forest (ferns and plants at ground level Hapu`u pulu fiddleheads of hapu`u ferns with pulu (brown fibre) hapu`u tree fern leaves stiff hairs on fronds of Meu fern broken fallen trunk of Ohelo young berry ripe berries Akala Hawaiian raspberry in palm of man's hand forest floor large logs decaying forest floor ama`u ferns pu`aha nui plant or kanawao ohia straight trunk covered in ferns rock crevices matted ohi`a tree aerial root clusters fungi growing on ohi`a log ohi`a dieback Hawaiian canoe koa wood girl with koa wood model of Hawaiian voyaging canoe stern and rudder details of Hawaiian canoe Hawaiians paddling a long koa wood outrigger canoe koa wood spears carried by na koa (soldiers) Norfolk Island pine kahili ginger invasive plant from Asia European pig (captured feral pig) pa `inui growing on fallen koa log on olapa tree trunks above forest floor small ferns shrubs herbs and saplings growing at ground level plants spouting out of fairly recent lava Kilauea Volcano: Warning signs, Halema`uma`u Crater, kipuka, black sand beaches Kilauea caldera steaming bluffs lava ocean entry ruins Hawaiian habitation sites Kilauea Iki Mauna Ulu Kamoamoa Heiau campground limu o Pele (lava resembling seaweed) sulphur vents Pele's hair (glass strands of windblown lava) rock formations lava tubes pulu factory ruins cliffs (pali) flows pit craters rift zones tree molds Pu`u O`o Vent Crater vog steam clouds Royal Gardens subdivision Crater Rim Road (collapsed portion due to earthquake damage) Pu1u Huluhulu Hawaii Volcanoes National Park aerials Park interpretation signs spatter cones, tumulus tumuli dikes skylight windows into lava tubes tephra pumice flora Visitors Center Volcano Art Center Gallery old Volcano House Hotel Volcano House Hotel Kilauea Military Camp Mauna Iki Trail Kipuka Pepeiau Devastation Trail Mauna Loa summit caldera Mokuweoweo calder Red Hill Cabin spatter ramparts Napau Crater Trail Naulu Trail archeological sites Elderhostel hike to lava flow Kupaianaha lava lake aerials 1984 Mauna Loa eruption aerials, Kilauea eruption aerials Lae Apuki Halape Trail Hilina Pali Overlook Kipuka Nene petroglyphs, Hawaiian Cultural Festivals, Volcano Art Center hula programs Aloha Week Royal Court Investitures ancient (kahiko) hula Jaggar Museum Hawaii Volcano Observatory Byron Ledge Crater Rim Trail Halema`uma`u Trail Kilauea Marathon and Rim Runs Kipuka Puaulu, Uwekahuna Bluff Hawaiian Culture: Hula Festivals Pageants Parades Food Crafts Hawaiian Islands Pacific Rim Asia travel geology geographic geological and cultural features Hawaii Volcanoes National Park serene and fabulous low light lavascapes in conjunction with heavenly bodies total solar eclipse partial planetary conjunctions lunar eclipses hula Hawaiian hula and cultural events travel Europe Asia Pacific Rim geothermal volcanoes seascapes landscapes aerials animals birds insects architecture astronomical observatories astronomy astrophotography attractions parades festivals autos boats ships planes camping hiking children cityscapes construction engineering dance eco-travel erotica fishing flora fauna gardens food gargoyles hot springs bathing interiors sea kayaking King Kong Japan Statue of Liberty Japan kites motorcycles moonscapes mountains scenics music night lights outdoor sports people rainbows moon rainbows religious ceremonies petroglyphs rice culture agriculture farming stills street scenes sports games sumo sunrises sunsets trains transportation vending machines waterfalls waterways waterfronts water sports heavenly bodies night lava flows Hawaii world celebrations planetary conjunctions solar eclipse lunar eclipse rain forests plants, resorts science technology geothermal wind energy, windmills weather solar energy drilling snow laser LIDAR food coastlines lava tubes tree molds volcanic vents volcanic cones pahoehoe a`a sea cliffs stacks caves seabirds Haley's Comet Comet Hale-Bopp oceans seas beaches palm trees palms building exteriors World Trade Center towers rock walls gates art folk art sacred places temples stupas stone carving woodcarving signs events leisure surfing windsurfing bicycling running races outrigger canoes sailboats catamarans ships fishing tackle horseback riding hang-gliding snorkeling swimming waves wind sailboats pleasure craft barges cruise ships fishing boats kayaks canoes outboard motorboats thrill craft submarines wheels body building baci ball cricket sunbathing Dalai Lama Bon Dance Polynesian Cultural Center Torres Straits Island dancers Waikiki, Hiroshima band World Harmony Day native American dancers Tsunami Museum World Heritage Site Hilo Mardi Gras Parade International Festival of the Pacific Parade Merry Monarch Festival Parade Richmond Founders Day Parade Waimea Paniolo Days Parade street fairs zydeco music rikshi Hawaiian culture drums ipu sticks spears Hawaiian food lei making tapa ti thatch weaving baskets quilting quilts dolls, musical instrument making musical instrument instruction tiki kahili feathers hatbands haku lei shell Hawaiian symbols Pele goddess of the volcano chant story telling Tahitian adornments feet investiture services royal court paddle dance planting fighting ipu heke nose flute seniors, Tongan Kamehameha Day hula drums (pahu hula) drumming foot ornaments leg bracelets dogs teeth kukui nuts ferns paddle dance sticks planting fighting, musical instruments instruction ili ili stones conch shell horn (pa kani) nose flute (ohe hano iho) feathered rattle (`uli `uli), soldiers (na koa) king's guard spears weapons ti-leaf capes tools adzes feather capes feather helmets head lei (haku lei) feathered staffs (kahili) ti-leaf sandals, offerings (ho`okupu) priest (kahuna) offering gin to Pele at edge of volcano crater Makahiki ceremonial pageant processions (lono, makua, kono hiki, kama `ehu) conch shell heralds Tahitian dance Tongan dance Maori dance tattoos tattooing Royal Court Investitures services Halema`uma`u Crater Kilauea Volcano tiki woodcarving stone carving tool making hatbands necklaces shells, symbols of Hawaii Volcano goddess (Pele) chant storytelling outrigger canoes koa wood sailing canoes voyaging canoes Makalii Hawaii Loa Hokulea Hawaiian games Hawaiian checkers weaving baskets thatch mats Hawaiian food poi World Indigenous People Conference on Education (WIPCE) opening ceremonies Hilo Bay Royal Order of Kamehameha Reunification (Ho`oku`ikahi) Ceremonies (1991) Pu`u Kohala Heiau 200th Anniversary Death of Keoua, tapa cloth awa ceremony (Japan Architecture Design interiors exteriors) Kurashiki warehouses (kura) exterior ground level White House (love hotel) buildings snow-covered roofs Kurashiki Bikan riverside home old house compound dog Bikan Chiku tile roofs Archeology Museum building (godown, go-down) narrow lane autumn suburban modern home (Nishiachi) tiled rooftops from Achi Shrine, old farmhouse Japanese garden "Liquor & Rice" sign on store entrance gate to private home Hiyose-cho burned, charred wood siding fence house entrance gate walls Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo) mud-daub building on lane Iwai Onsen town storehouses Tottori Prefecture Okayama Prefecture, persimmon tree farm village houses, traditional home with charred wooden fence/persimmons on tree canal-side house fall flowers blooming Kibi-ji, bicycle trail interiors Meiji-era homes Soja tatami mats paper and wood sliding doors (shoji) Takahashi Matsuyama-bitchu castle (highest elevation castle) Koshihata man at entrance to thatched-roof farmhouse (snowing snow covered) wooden door jamb exposed mud daub twisted fibre support Okayama-jo(castle) magic hour Asahi River bridge pink reflections stone fortifications, nightlights daub & lath construction detail crumbling godown, Shizutani School exterior, Kidani Wake (1666) Kosei-cho Matsuda Building (biru) apartment mansion kayaks on balcony Shodoshima Island Seto Inland Sea farmhouse south shore Shimane Peninsula (Hanto) Japan Sea red-tile roofs fishing village Matsue-jo castle moat bridge base of stone walls built between 1607 and 1611
Kussharo-ko (lake) Akan National Park Hokkaido Island Ainu bear cage thatched-roof dwelling
Otaru Hokkaido warehouse on canal Nihon in kanji alphabet signs tile fish omen (shachi-hoko) tiled roof kanji on doors wooden houses Hinomisaki lighthouse Iinuyama castle oldest original structure castle in Japan, Honshu, apartment house (mansion) futon covers hanging from balconies Tsuyama tiled roofs walls Okinawa traditional thatch roof carved dog good luck omen (shishi) Iriomote-jima Yaeyama Islands Nara, building on lane between five-story pagoda and National Museum Tokushima Shikoku Island, front porch mountain house Route 439 millstone Tokyo Akasaka Prince Hotel lobby Toshiba office building lobby model earth and telecommunications satellite foyer entrance Tokyo monorail fountain Tokyo Tower Olympics indoor sports (basketball/swimming) building (Tokyo '64) backlit Olympics building couple architect Kenzo Tange building complex (Architecture religious inspired) Okayama Prefecture, Kurashiki Seigan-ji snow on tile roofs cemetery bell tower snow on bell housing roof tiles cemetery shrine behind Hanaguri Tsuka (cow nose ring hill) , Kibi bicycle trail, Kibitsu-hiko Shrine, moss-covered wall tiles, Kibi trail, woodwork under eaves of Okayama pagoda, Misaoyama hill, Kanryu-ji snow on tile roofs, sunset, temple rooftops, sunset light on wooden beams, silhouette of gong housing Honeiji, oni gawara, wood carved relief scene on minor shrine wooden shrine Itsukushima-jinja (shrine island) 12th century Miyajima Reiko-da smoke 1, 200-years-old sacred fire Miyajima offshore torii gate 1875 backlit stone lantern snow roof tiles Kanryu-ji temple (below Achi Jinja) watchtower at Achi shrine Amano-hashi-date temple buildings stone garden Chion-ji Nagasaki Oura Catholic Church oldest in Japan (1864) Ogami Yama Jinja Mt. Daisen minor wooden shrine Kibitsuhiko Shrine Kibiji rainy day Izumo Taisha Shrine huge Shimenawa (twisted rice stalk decorations) Kokubun-ji pagoda wild spring flowers Kibiji plum blossoms Hiyose-cho copper-topped local shrine interior Kurashiki Kyoto Heian shrine rooftop Chion-in Temple watchtower temple eastern Kyoto (Ryozen or Kodaiji) pagoda Kiyomizu-dera temple oni gawara
Nara Todai-ji red fall foliage rooftop Nara Daibutsuden (Todaiji) oni gawara (devil tiles) entrance,
Tokyo Meiji-Jingu Harajuku Kannon temple (Asakusa) entrance arcade large paper lantern two carved enma statues (guardians against evil) (Japan Attractions festivals pageants) Yakage town north of Tamashima daimyo's annual procession to Edo (Daimyo Gyo Retsu) wayside inn, exterior Edo period samurai entering town noh performance center Korakoen gardens Okayama Japanese tea service traditional music chant dance (shimai) performance onstage in background Achi Shrine Bikan Chiku Kurashiki fall harvest festival couple wearing old folk's masks costumes men with portable shrine (omikoshi) Ebisu-dori women with old folk's masks dancing, kids bringing kodomo-omikoshi to shrine samurai dance dance of the shrine maidens omikoshi parade (kids) street lanterns food stands mask and toy stands candy apple stand woman selling goldfish Nagasaki Shoro Nagashi Festival - August festival of the dead (Obon) lantern floats people fire crackers (baku-chiku) night float in memory of singer Hibari Misora gongs firecrackers (daylight) Okayama summer festival (Bo-ko) food stands, fish squid on a stick (ika yaki) rice cake (mochi tsuki) rearview of girl fan tucked in her skirt cowboys and Indian selling tacos American flag helmet beetle (kabuto mushi) close-up beetle salesman guys body building demonstration girls (rear view) aerobic dance performance girl summer festival robe (yukata) Filipina flamenco dancer girls with brass horns Uno Junior High School marching band balloons released against the sky Nishigawa Park, Momotaro Odori Nariwa summer festival "Bitchu Kagura" performance Ashinazuchi Tachikara dragon embroidery rear view soldier soldier fighting demon Takemikazuchinomikoto Inasehaginomikoto comic relief folk character drum Tenazuchi dancer stage audience Tachikaraonomikoto Muromyojin Kushiinadahime Shinto priest Okuninushinomoto guards Omoiganenomikoto fireworks Kushiinadahime Sarudahikonomikoto lanterns main street Nariwa priest in makeshift riverside shrine beating drum dusk Nariwa Rriver Kurashiki Tennryo and Komachi (Miss Kurashiki) competition public drawing painting wall boys racing mini-cars girls selling cool drinks, man dressed as rickshaw driver NTT (National Telephone Tellegraph) frog mascot men Okayama marching band playing horns girls carrying flags for a marching band pole boat rides down the Kurashiki River girls performing on stage above boatman on river girls performing song and dance two girls promoting pineapples former "Miss Kurashiki" winners and fruit girls ride on pole boat in river portrait attractive contestant contestants performing song flute flower arranging (ikebana) bevy kimonoed contestants trio wearing summer floral kimonos (yukata) contestants (rear view) koi nobori (carp streamers) Boy's Day May Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) Takahashi Tsuyama, Okayama, Kurashiki lanterns lights Okayama-jo (castle) Aiobashi (bridge) rikshaw passengers close-ups cherry blossoms people Tsuyama castle grounds man carrying reed mat to ohanami picnic map of layout of former Tsuyama castle fortress cherry blossoms over walled stream in Takahashi Day 1 Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament (basho) March, finale at sumo umetori shiki (bow ceremony) Emperor's Cup trophy Yokuzuna Chiyonofuji preps battles wins Terao prepares to lose against Onokuni Hawaiian Konishiki battles wins preliminary ceremonies (makuuchi do hyo iri) to battle of ozeki's, includes Wakanohana (young flower alias "small great wrestler"), the Hutoyama (top official) holding the emperor's cup; Terao with brother Sakahoko, Kushimaumi wrestlers in ceremonial aprons (kesho mawashi) approach ring champions return from sanyaku soroi bumi (Chiyonofuji “the wolf” Hokutenyu, Konishiki) approach the ring for the sanyaku soroi bumi ceremony of the top ranking ozeki Chiyonofuji Konishiki wearing yukata robes back of wrestler approaching ring kesho mawashi ceremony osumo action, Hadaka Matsuri Saidaiji (naked festival at saidaiji) men in loincloths and hachimaki in early spring ritual, wrestling for sacred sticks Setsubun (bean-throwing) Yakudoshi ceremonies, Takamatsu Inari Shrine February woman celebrity participating in bean throwing people Shinto priests Yakudoshi at Takamatsu Shrine Seijin-shiki (coming-of-age day) January, Okayama City, girls in kimono, couple, groups of girls in kimono with backs facing camera showing colorful obi and embroidery (one in western clothes) guy and girl at seijin shiki ceremonies, girl in kimono fixing friend's hair New Year's Day festivities Ishigaki Island, Yaeyama Islands Okinawa, rear view kimono, Kabira Shichi-go-san (7-5-3) temple visit daughter enjoying an orange juice after ceremony, mother and daughter in kimono people in front of okayama shrine during shichi-go-san daughter in purple kimono father in traditional hakata and haori with wife and daughter rear view three kimonos two boys and girl father grandfather rear view of little girl's kimono mother and father Okayama Shrine girl in tabi and kimono at photographer's studio with mother boy and girl dressed for shichi-go-san rear view of boy's yukata golden hawk embroidery boy in yukata two little girls in kimono, little boy shorts and fedora, boy fixing sister's hair ribbon brother sister at shichi-go-san little girl in kimono yawning little girl in kimono with dad entering Kasuga Shrine Nara parents kids dressed for shrine visit attendants in costume balloons Awa Odori Obon Festival, August Tokushima City Shikoku usher (man in t-shirt) loudspeaker girl in white orange yellow dancing percussionists in blue and white yukata girls (3)in red blue with percussionists, young people under climbing King Kong on street, group photo awa dance group under red, yellow green lanterns mother and sleeping child with headband in awa odori dance costume Yosakoi Odori summer dance festival Kochi, Shikoku, young girl in yukata watching festival parade two girls dressed in hapi coats for Yosakoi Odori dancers in red black hapi coats (one Mickey Mouse mask) American flag taiko (festival drum) drummer on "Yosakoi Carnival" truck guy in headband (hachmaki) toga driving a decorated jeep (Bridgestone), 100 Club British footwear and clothes dancers music truck closeup of girl (NTT group) white paper lantern table with judges red white lanterns small group young dancers red lantern taiko truck close=up smiling guy in aqua giving peace sign close-up of smiling girl in aqua hapi coat blue headband three young girls sitting on curb watching Yosakoi festival parade four of the nursing school students (girls), hypo needle costumed man with loudspeaker, Kochi municipal nursing school truck singer palm trees on back of sound truck Harajuku Tokyo street rockers phenomenon 1984 American flag covered with pop star buttons guys in jumpsuits being bound by a girl chindonya advertising "fresh open" store breakdancer blue tank shirt and hat breaking and poppin dancer audience at sideline clapping (all girls) Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ghoul impersonator "Thriller" dance team man in string tie and pink zoot suit boy in glasses giving peace sign, Coca Cola jumpsuits (boys) pink top, leather miniskirts black hose female “Tokyo Street Spiders” greasy spoon drive-in diner waitresses, girl dancers with Street Spiders background "The Grate Escape" group at rest girls polka dots crinalines saddle shoes, bobby socks "Trouble is treasure rock and roll is love—tokyo” 45rpm record box Street Spider spiked wristband cigarette burns lighting cigarette Street Spider colors, skin, two guys with duck-ass hair-do's brandishing the air guitar punkster flexing bicep (3) punks with different color hair group of (6) guys dressed punk pink mohawk hair guy with duck-ass hairdo red shirt guy with bleached hair and jeans with gal in white girl in denim guy in pink Mohawk bamboo shoots kids (Takenokozoku) girl leader in black cape white gloves pants whistle girl in bridal costume dancing, boy with shiny silver outfit, boy with plastic "straw" hat and red outfit bamboo shoots dancers leader with group with bags of street clothes piled nearby boy in yellow with black polka dots leading dances boy with feather earring and hairpiece boy applying makeup Harujuku punk rockers fans roller skate dancers May Day parade floats union marchers “No More Saturdays” banner spring offensive men in baseball caps crowds cheerleaders Tokyo Disneyland dancers on fairway with band players in background drummer stage show and band at "Hoop Dee Doo Revue" sign at entrance boy on merry-go-round giving peace sign girl with mouse ears and mouse balloon kids with mouse ears adults (couple) wearing mouse ears teens with mouse ears "It's a Small World Pluto entertainers Mickey Minnie display spaceship attraction castle with fireworks laser light castle spires with a balloon rising parade with castle in background,,,

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