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Stock Collection: 15,000 - 90,000 photos

General Subject Areas: Reptiles & Amphibians - snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, frogs, toads, salamanders, spiders Madagascar - all natural history / geography / culture

Books / Publication Credits: The World's Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians - co-authored and co-photographed The Corn Snake Manual - co-authored and photographed Reptiles magazine - monthly columnist, freelance writer, frequent photo contributor

Geographic Coverage: Worldwide, with strong emphasis on Florida and United States species, and those from Madagascar

Other services: My emphasis is on imagery of reptiles and amphibians for advertising & publications. I have over 50,000 slides in stock, and take more weekly. I am also VERY familiar with reptile and amphibian species from around the world, the pet trade in these animals, global threats to their survival, dangers they pose to humans, etc., and can help you choose images that best suit your needs as an expert in this subject.

Affiliations: My move to paradise (to Florida from New Jersey) in 1971 was instrumental in focusing my lifelong fascination with reptiles into a career. My early experiences were heavily oriented towards field exploration, collecting, and husbandry of living specimens in my new home state. I joined a traveling educational exhibit of herps ("The Living Jungle") as a partner in 1977, a move that allowed my explorations to continue nationwide, while also allowing visits to numerous private breeders and in-depth exposure to herpetocultural progress in the zoo world. Later, in partnership with my wife, Kathy, I adopted the name Glades Herpetoculture to represent our growing, large-scale snake propagation business that had arisen at our home in southern Florida in the mid 1980s. Commercial success eventually led to expanding its scope into a full-line herp dealership (Glades Herp, Inc.) in 1989. As opportunities to travel became more frequent, I honed my camera skills, and took up pen in hand to share the enjoyment of my experiences with the public. Positive feedback resulted in a further evolution of such efforts as I branched off to start Blue Chameleon Ventures in 1996. I now continue at these cherished pursuits while actively developing the related endeavor of leading ecotours to my herpetologically intensive "home away from home", the magical mini-continent of Madagascar. My current and most visible herpetological involvement is in nature photography (my images have graced the covers and interiors of REPTILES, VIVARIUM, REPTILE & AMPHIBIAN MAGAZINE, REPTILIA (German, Spanish, & English editions), REPTILIAN, HERPETOLOGICAL REVIEW, TERRARIO, and innumerable other books, periodicals, and calendars over the past couple decades. My freelance articles appear frequently in herp specialty publications. I've been the Herpetological Queries (monthly question & answer column) author for REPTILES magazine since its inception in 1993), and also contribute the Bits & Pieces photo quiz challenging readers there monthly. I have also lectured to herp societies and at symposia extensively across the U.S., and also abroad. Reptiles and amphibians are my life, so you can be assured of accuracy on identification and information on all images I've taken.

Typical Stock Photo Examples:
reptile, show, expo, reptilia, amphibia, serpent, ophidia, anuran, chelonian, saurian, snake, turtle, tortoise, terrapin, lizard, crocodile, alligator, gecko, bearded dragon, spurred, spur-thighed, redfoot, fattail, indigo, leopard gecko, carapace, ventral, plastron, skink, monitor, iguana, anole, chameleon, chamalion, chamelion, chamlion, chameilion, chamaleon, chamalleon, chamaelion, chamaeleon, kamelion, kameleon, kamilion, kamileon, chameileon, chameilion, khameleon, khamilion, chameileon, corn snake, rat, king, milk, gopher, bull, pine, garter, garden, water, rattle, rattlesnake, moccasin, coral, pigmy, cottonmouth, cobra, sea, mamba, viper, adder, bushmaster, tree boa, emerald boa, python, anaconda, green, black, yellow, red, blue, white, Elaphe, Lampropeltis, guttata, obsoleta, Furcifer, Calumma, Chamaeleo, Crotalus, Naja, Thamnophis, Heterodon, Agkistrodon, Micrurus, Nerodia, Natrix, Eryx, Corallus, Bothrops, Vipera, Dendroaspis, molurus, sebae, spilota, Liasis, Physignathus, Varanus, Anolis, Ophisaurus, Pituophis, Chrysemys, Pseudemys, Gopherus, Terrapene, Apalone, Trionyx, cooter, slider, box turtle, musk, mud, softshell, newt, painted, snapping, Rana, Hyla, hylid, pit viper, elapid, sand, tree, habitat, ecology, ecotour, eco-tour, eco tour, Madagascar, Malagasy, Madgascar, Magascar, Madigascar, Madagscar, Madgasacar, Madagaskar, Madagaskara, Madagascer, Madagasker, Madagascor, Madigascar, Madigaskar, Madgaskar, Madagskar, Madagscar, Madaggascar, Madagasskar, Madagasacar, Madagasakar, Madagasakara, Madagasscar, Madagasskar, Madagasckar, Antananarivo, Tana, Nosy Be, Antsiranana, Antsirinana, Diego Suarez, Mt. d'Ambre, Montagne d'Ambre, Perinet, Analamazoatra, Mantadia, Mantady, Toamasina, Tamatave, Mandraka, Ambanja, Ankify, Nosy Tanikely, Ft. Dauphin, Fort Dauphin, Berenty Reserve, Mahajanga, Majunga, Toliara, Tulear, Ranomafana, Isalo, Ambositra, Maroantsetra, Antsirabe, Nosy Mangabe, Andasibe, tour, photo, photography, imagery, image, slide, diapositive, transparency, transparencies, 35 mm, 35mm, herp, herpetology, herpetile, herptile, herpetofauna, frog, toad, amphibian, treefrog, tree frog, dart, toxic, salamander, triton, digital, digitize, website, Fujichrome, Nikon, camera, tropical, rainforest, forest, desert, spiny, baobab, radiated, angonoka, yniphora, Pyxis, Geochelone, Dumeril, dumerili, madagascariensis, Sanzinia, crocodilian, croc, Mantella, day gecko, leaftail gecko, Langaha, Uroplatus, Phelsuma, Paroedura, Brookesia, panther, giant day, hognose, crepuscular, nocturnal, diurnal, pet, pet trade, import, export, captive breeding, captive bred, aquarium, terrarium, vivarium, endangered species, dangerous, poison, poisonous. venom, venomous, tarantula, spider, scorpion, millipede, centipede, snail, crab, jungle, creek, stream, river, swamp, marsh, outcrop, crawl, slither, cryptic, camouflage, blend, hide, national park, sub-equatorial, Africa, island, scale, tongue, plate, shell, fang, teeth, claw, shed skin, molt, ecdysis, mate, mating, copulation, envenomation, snake bite, threatened species, special concern, CITES, C.I.T.E.S., U.S. Endangered Species List, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, protected, protection, collect, Everglades, Florida, scarlet king, ,,,

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