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Stock Collection: 5,000 - 15,000 photos

General Subject Areas: Nature- with an emphasis on wildflowers and Colorado and southwest scenics. Wildlife- with an emphasis on muledeer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, and red foxes.Native Americans,Native American dancers-children and adults;children and adults in the outdoors, adobe churches.

Books / Publication Credits: Feature photo in Wild Places, Wildlife Conservation Magazine, May-June 2000 issue. Permanent exhibit at Roxborough State Park, Littleton, CO., and Vega State Park, Colbran, CO. Photo in Rocky Mt. Nature Association scenic postcard packet. Book- "Dawn of the 21st Century" ( The Millennium Photo Project). Two-page spread with two photos and article in "Country Discoveries" Jan/Feb 2001.

Geographic Coverage: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona

Future Travel: New Mexico, Arizona, Utah

Other services: Have film scanner, can send images via the internet

Typical Stock Photo Examples:
Abo Mission Ruins, Bosque del Apache, Denver, Denver Zoo, Denver skyline, Denver city and county building, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Children's Museum, Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Roxborough State Park, Barr Lake, Castlewood Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Cherry Creek State Park, Walden and Sawmill Ponds, Mount Goliath Nature Area, Rocky Mountain National Park, Florissant Fossil Beds, Mother Cabrini Shrine, El Malpais, El Moro, Salinas National Monument, Quarai Mission Ruin, Nambe Falls, Salt Missions Trail, New Mexico Missions, Lake Cochiti, Colorado National Monument, Jemez mountains, Wildlife West Nature Park, Petroglyph National Monument, Sedona, Tent Rocks, Native American dancers and musicians, all style and ages, children outdoors, Southwest powwows, adobe churches, blue doors, red rocks, animal tracks in snow, water droplets, Mule deer, mule deer in winter, white tail deer, bucks, does, fawns, fawns nursing, bucks sparring, mule deer in snow, deer feeding, deer on path, mule deer in full moon, silhouettes, deer in lupine, animal babies and mothers, mountain goats, Bighorn sheep, red fox, red fox kits, coyotes, coyote hunting, scat, buffalo, gray squirrels, elk, elk in snow, prairie dogs, baby mule, black bear, butt shots, cottontail rabbit, horses, leopard sleeping, camel, macaw, lizard on cross, prairie dog warning, mother coot feeding baby coot, baby duck near lily pad, wolf pups, marmot, baby owl, duck displaying, odd
ducks, roadrunner, Abert's squirrel, painted lady, fritillary, swallowtail, stink bug, soldier beetle, bee in flower, flamingo, peacock, Canada Goose, red head duck, mallard, American wigeon, white-faced Ibis, great blue heron, night herons, magpie, seagulls, black-capped chickadee, yellow-headed blackbird, spotted towhee, scrub jay, downy woodpecker, gray-headed junco, meadowlark, barn owl, burrowing owl, great-horned owl, bald eagle, golden eagle, American kestrel, Cooper's hawk, peregrin falcon, ostrich head, pheasant, ring-necked duck, killdeer, red tail hawk, gambels quail, cattails, wild iris, sego lily, horsetail grass, prickly poppy, wild rose, horsemint, California poppy, Russian thistle, mullein, monument plant, Indian paint brush, Columbine flowers, sunflower, scarlet gilia, narrowleaf penstemon, birdsfoot violet, golden banner, yucca, showy milkweed, orange agoseris, Oregon grape, red clover, blue-pod lupine, bristlecone pine, ponderosa pine, scrub oak, tree in fog, petroglyphs, horno oven, red rocks, blue doors, animal tracks in snow, full moon, winter sunsets, hot air balloon, sledding, rock climbers, shovelling snow, Sikh, bicyclist, Native American, Native American flutist, Native American children, Lakota flute player, Native American dancers, fancy dancer, grass dancer, traditional dancer, shawl dancer, jingle dancer, deer dancer, buffalo dancer, hoop dancer, paths, trails, kids learning outdoors, people on paths, rollerblading, running, horseback riding, girl feeding geese, boy with frog, toddler, park rangers, police on mountain bikes, children outdoors, adult and child fishing, golf, cross-country skier, photographer, bike riding, child on path, planting garden, lady bug, gorilla, polar bear, ground squirrel, carp thrashing, northern flicker, turkey vulture, ferruginous hawk, nuthatch, English sparrow, mountain goat kids, burrowing owl baby, prairie dog babies, fall leaves, mountain leaves, wild licorice, baby ducks in pond, coyote tossing vole, green themes, red themes, calm, serenity, snow abstracts, patterns in nature, grass, daisies, harebells, sticky aster, Japanese garden, red-winged blackbird, Lakota Indian, Jemez arts and crafts festival, Jemez Indian potter, Indian pottery, toddler at beach, boy at beach, boy fishing, children swimming, children laughing and playing, children splashing, Zuni children, Madrid graveyard church, San Ysidro church, children in water, prickly pear cactus, rock art, children painting, water droplets on leaf, veins in leaf, water droplets on grass, water droplets on reed, baby owls, fledgling owl, Great Horned baby owls, great-horned baby owls, burrowing owl parent feeding baby, prairie dog with nesting material, prairie dog with cigarette butt, mountain goat smiling, marmot, whistling marmot, heron fishing, odd ducks, deer in full moon, peacock feathers, peacock fan, roses, horseback riders, animal tracks in snow, muledeer in snow, mule deer in snow, heron with fish, snow geese, sandhill cranes, Buckhorn Bar, Indian toddler with snowcone, Zuni drums, duck displaying, Zuni drummers, El Santuario de Chimayo, Chapel de los Ninos, horno oven, horno baking, horno bread, Indian children, Tamaya Indians, Santa Domingo Indians, Native American, Native American children, hoop, Tewa dance group, Plains Native American dancers, macaw, prairie dog screaming, prairie dog reclining, stallion, baby bull, fog, clouds, snow on pine, pine tree on cliff, eagle head, flicker feather, pelicans, robin, grasshopper, butterflies, insects, whistling marmot, bumblebee, red foxes hunting, coyote tracks, feathers, mocassins, cougar, scarlet Ibis, gorillas, baby gorilla and mother, Mexican wolf, San Felipe de Neri, Zuni corn dance, Laguna turkey dancer, Bengal tiger, cheetah, baby elk, elk calf, cattle egret, blue tail lizard, New Mexican whiptail lizard, muledeer, white-tail deer, sandhill crane, African crowned crane, tennis shoes, mule deer eating apple, swan, cheetah, spoked wheel wagon, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Catholic church at Lamy, Chapel of Loretto, San felipe de Neri, Cathedral of St. Francis, Cristo Rey, San Jose de Laguna, Mission of San Augustine de Isleta, San Miguel Mission, San Jose de Gracia Catholic church in Trampas, San Antonio de Padua, Holy Child Chapel at Philmont boy scout ranch, San Francisco de Asis, El Sanctuario de Chimayo, Tent Rocks, Kasha-Katuwe, sandhill cranes in winter, sandhill cranes in flight.,,,

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